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Reliable Transmission Repairs in Corpus Christi, TX

AAMCO Corpus Christi TX offers trustworthy transmission repair to Corpus Christi, TX customers. We are an independently owned and -operated repair shop, but we have the resources and reputation of our parent brand – AAMCO. Since 1963, AAMCO has repaired over 20 million transmissions, a reputation unmatched everywhere in the country. We’re proud to be part of that legacy. Your transmission is responsible for delivering power from your engine to the wheels for acceleration. It is the most vital cog in your vehicle. For that reason, transmission repairs are among the most critical and expensive. Our certified mechanics use thorough diagnostic procedures to determine the problem and offer an effective solution. We’ll get you on the road again.

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Signs Your Vehicle’s Transmission Is Beginning to Fail

Most vehicle owners are familiar with how their car or truck runs. As the miles begin to add up, you may notice a dip in performance. Ignoring the common warning signs that your transmission is starting to fail can lead to more costly repairs down the road.

The Warning Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair

The older your vehicle is, the more likely – and frequent – repairs will become. While we hope you never have to deal with a transmission repair, you might have to rely on our experts. Understanding the warning signs of transmission failure is critical so you can act quickly. If you are noticing the following, bring your vehicle to us. There’s no harm in a diagnostic check:

  • Gears Slipping: Gear slipping occurs when your transmission cannot shift smoothly. If you notice gear slipping while you drive, there might be a problem. The best thing you can do is bring your vehicle to us for an official inspection.
  • Burning Smell: Transmissions rely on lubricant to reduce friction and wear and tear. Burning smells could mean something as minor as low fluid levels or something more serious. Whether you require a small fix or a major replacement, we can help.
  • Delayed Acceleration. If your vehicle doesn’t accelerate or does so more slowly than it used to, your transmission might not provide the right torque to the wheels. While this isn’t necessarily a major problem, you should never ignore it.
  • Fluid Leak: Transmission fluid leaks aren’t a major repair on their own, but ignoring them is a recipe for disaster. Leaks can get worse and impact other elements of the transmission, so take care of this minor repair before it becomes a major one.
  • Check Engine Light: We perform free check engine light inspections. Sometimes, the issue is electrical or could be a minor issue with the engine. But this indicator light could save you thousands if it is transmission-related and you are proactive.

How Our Diagnostic Process Works

So, you require transmission repairs. What’s next? Our detailed and comprehensive multi-point inspection ensures we identify every problem in your transmission so we can fix the issue the first time around. Our diagnostic examinations are technology-aided for accuracy and occur in three distinct areas:

  • Initial Evaluation: First, we inspect your transmission fluid levels, the transfer case, and the differential fluid. Sometimes, all that is wrong is a fluid leak, making this step essential.
  • Road Test: We will drive your car once we finish the initial inspection. We’re evaluating drive ranges, upshift and downshift timing and quality, passing gears, and more.
  • In-Shop: Now that we have finished the road test, we have finished diagnostics in our shop. We’ll check the shift linkage, engine idle status, mounts, fluid retention, and more.

Place Your Trust in Our Experience Professionals Today

AAMCO’s status as the nation’s pre-eminent transmission repair company means we have established a similar reputation in Corpus Christi. Over the years, our licensed mechanics have fixed and replaced countless transmissions in our shop. We know that transmission repairs are a burden in more ways than one. We offer financing packages, and our team is friendly, straightforward, and honest in all our interactions with our customers. We try to keep costs down and always stick to our initial estimate, resulting in no surprises for customers like you. For a great experience in a non-ideal scenario, place your trust in AAMCO Corpus Christi TX.

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